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Prosinec 2016

For my Dearest

9. prosince 2016 v 15:52 | Profesionální Lhář |  Umění lhát
It's hard to breathe when you're around.
I want to hide ten feet under the ground.

I have things I want you to hear.
But even more I don't want you anywhere near.

You are making me nervous in every possible way.
So please, please, far away from me you stay.

When I see you, in my stomach it wakes up the butterflies.
And another piece of bravery in my heart dies.

I can't talk or move when I'm with you.
I'm scared that wrong would be everything I will do.

Oh no, this is not because you might be my soulmate.
Truly it's because all I have for you is hate.